Why Choose PinkRoom

 Choosing the Right Nail School 

When faced with so many choices, deciding on a nail school that will meet your needs becomes confusing. The following blogs will inform you on how to go about selecting a nail school that will protect your interests as a student and teach you all you need to know to become a professional nailist. 

Don't be deceived by marketing strategy that promises flexibility in time table & schedule, this doesn't work for someone with zero knowledge.

Don't be misleaded by the hours you are promised with small class size of flexible course schedule! trainers divide their attention to handle a few topics in the same session when students are learning at different pace. Thus, you are paying for a full session but getting only a fraction of your worth.

You don't benefit when the trainer is teaching other students topics that are not of your concern! Proper education system with all students learning the same topic is the only way that you can benefit totally from the session.

It is important to have classmates progressing at the same pace of study to encourage and motivate each other rather than everyone is dealing with their own topic. Study shows that 9 out of 10 students give up easily without peer learning pressure and classmates' mutual encouraging element.

Read for yourself how Pink Room is different from other nail schools in Singapore and why you have the best shot at a successful nail education and career when learning from us!


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