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Finding the right nail school for yourself... [Part [1/3] The Pink Room International Nail Academy

With the increase in private schools in Singapore, we are all spoiled for choice and developing headaches on which private school to choose. There are so many questions in our minds, with the fear of wasting precious time and money. 

Which course should I take? What if I have no basic knowledge, will I be able to catch up? Can I trust the teacher? Will she be able to teach me since I have no basic skills? What if I don't learn what is promised? Why is this school better than that? Which school is more suitable for me? Will I be short charged since I have no prior knowledge? What if the school close down suddenly?

There are so many uncertainties and worries hindering our pursuit of our dreams!! Do not let such worries get to you~! Picking up a new skill should be easy breezy... 

The Pink Room International Nail Academy
The Pink Room International Nail Academy

  While you are looking for a nail school that is suitable for you, here are some questions that will help you make an informed decision:

 1. Is the Private Education Institution (PEI) registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE)? If yes, how long?
This is important because, under the Private Education Act, all private schools in Singapore are required to be registered with the Ministry of Education's statutory board, The Council for Private Education [CPE] in order to issue higher qualification certificates such as Diploma & Degree Certificates legally. 

Each Registered Private School has issued a certificate that is only valid for one year or four years before they are subjected to another review/renewal. Each PEI goes through strict and thorough checks by the Council for Private Education [CPE]

Apart from the courses itself, the trainers, premises conduciveness, accounts, paperwork, financial ability of the company, operations systems, application forms, etc are carefully reviewed by the Council for Private Education [CPE] before approval. The validity period of each certification depends on how well the Registered Private School fare. The Council for Private Education [CPE] continues to monitor private schools regularly for compliance.

* Do take note that some Registered Private School that was registered previously, might not be able to renew their registrations after its validity period, and are no longer registered with the Council for Private Education [CPE] (List of deregistered PEIs can be found here).

 2. Does the Trainers have relevant accreditation?
Each trainer needs to reach a certain certification qualification and years of on-the-job experience in the related field before they are accepted as Trainer of a private school, thus ensuring the quality of the teaching in the school.

Our team of professional nail educators are approved by the Ministry of Education, meaning that they have the necessary professional experience and academic qualification to coach you. 

Each Registered Private School has their very own Examination Board & Academic Board to oversee the advancement of the school and to continue to upgrade and improve the school and courses for the interest of the students.

 3. Do the trainers have the expertise & knowledge to train beginners?
Many nail teachers started off as nailists and later start to teach. But for PinkRoom, our Principal Rachel Tang was a lecturer at a Polytechnic in Singapore before she started PinkRoom. Rachel had years of experience to teach which allows her to use different teaching method to reach out to every student, making sure that they truly understand what was being taught.

PinkRoom's trainers are personally trained by Rachel to adapt to the students' different learning speed and ability. Every student entered PinkRoom with zero knowledge about nails. All of them had successfully graduated, with the confidence and skills to provide nail services to their customers.

Having years of experience as a Nailist does not equate to being a good teacher. Some students had experience of learning from successful nailists previously, however they did not learn as much as they had expected. The Nailist might be able to create the perfect nail extension and most fanciful nail art, but she might not be able to transfer her skills and knowledge to her student. 

While some schools are good for those who already have some experience, PinkRoom is the expert in teaching students with ZERO knowledge. 


 4. Am I protected as a Student?
A Student Contract is compulsory for each student under a registered private school. Important information for all students such as the course duration, commencement and end date, fee collection schedule and refund policy etc, are listed in the Student Contract to protect the interest of every student.

PinkRoom students are required to sign the Student Contract prior to the class commencement. Our friendly Consultants will go through the points in the contract to make sure that students fully understand what they are entitled.

If the school closes down suddenly, you are protected with the Student Contract to get back the school fees that you have already paid.

 5. What are the Course fee payment methods?
To protect the interest of the students, the registered private school are not allowed to accept large amount of course fees from the students. Formulas for the installment plans are carefully calculated for the course fees to safeguard the students.

PinkRoom provides installment plans for our Diploma Course~ find out more from our friendly Course Consultants. With specialised Course Consultants to attend to your every concerns and money matters, there is nothing to worry about!  Do not be afraid to ask as they are here to help you!

Moreover, we are registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE), which ensures  proper recording system for all payments to the school.


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 Good luck in finding a nail school that is suitable for yourself~
If you would like to find out more about PinkRoom, feel free to call us any time at 
+65 62201592 to book an appointment with our friendly Course Consultants! 

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