Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Another fun lesson at Pink Room!

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Ying [SIN10-xx0J]
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Saturday, 8 January, 2011
We spent most of the last lesson learning the proper process for massage for classic manicures and pedicures. Here I am practising on my partner!

I blocked out my face because it looked so pinched. I had pursed lips, a creased chin and furrowed brows. In my defense, I was deep in concentration. :P
For the rest of the lesson, we practised polishing. The task was to paint three nails red and two nails french. Here I am again:

Pink Room has its own range of polishes that cost $6.80 each for us to use in lessons and during exams. The bottles and brushes used are similar to the OPI ones – the rationale is that OPI is the preferred salon brand so we need to know how to use OPI polishes (hence the familiar shape and brush), but using actual OPI polishes would hurt our wallets as we use the polishes a lot for practise and for homework.

Anyway, I love the red (beautiful and so easy to apply!) but I’m not too happy with the pink shade that we use as a base for french tips. It’s thick and so streaky! The trick is to apply quickly before the polish dries. If you polish half the nail and have to dip the brush back into the bottle for more polish, you’ll end up with a streaky finish because the first half would be semi-dry. So, I gather a bit more polish on my brush to ensure that I can use that one bead of polish for the entire nail. Also, use light pressure when applying the polish to avoid leaving streaks.

Teacher Nicole seemed surprised and said I did well again, so yay! I am such a sucker for approval. She asked me if I had a lot of practise polishing nails and I just said yes without telling her about all my flea market work heh. She was encouraging us by saying that polishing takes time to master, and practice makes perfect.

Oh! Meet my partner Pam!


She’s very effervescent and having her as my partner makes lessons even more fun! In fact, all my Pink Room classmates are very nice and I’m just so glad to have them in my course. I look forward to each lesson – it’s such a welcome break from work!

Speaking of Pam, she will be with me for the Crave for Space flea market organised by For Flea Sake/For Jake Sake on 29th January 2011 at the *Scape Street & Arts Market!

From 2pm to 8pm, the two of us will be offering express manicures and nail art services at very affordable prices! Leave a comment if you’d like to book an appointment with us! It is the Saturday right before Chinese New Year, so this is a great chance to get your nails done and flash them when you go visiting! ;)

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