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A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Classes :D

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Fan WenQing[SIN11-xx8G]
Student since July 2011.

Stumbled upon this new student's Fan Wen Qing[SIN11-xx8G] rendering of why she choose to come to our school and her various classroom times. Specially touching for me is reading her own words about her time with us. Although she had yet to complete her course, she had been faithfully practicing and using the skills she learnt in class to create nail art and posting them online... not her best nail art yet, as she is still in the process...but with that "never-say-die" attitude, it would not be long before she can make everyone proud.


Classes. :D

i know lately it's all about nails now.

but that's how it is for everyone, no?

i dunno whether i've mentioned this before, but since so many people have been asking, i'm taking classes at the PinkRoom; it's where Cynthia
 was from.

i chose the school partly because of her, but also because the few nailists or maybe the only ones i know of are coincidentally, all from PinkRoom!
 Shirley, Jenny and Junying (okay i dunno junying, but she's damn pop can? lol).

and i really think, it's an awesome place for me to be at right now. bye bye to the housewife/housegirlfriend syndrome! i'm so occupied now, it keeps both me and kelvin happy. :)

besides, i do enjoy my classes very much. teachers are so helpful and easy to relate to! and even though i am so 38 and have about a thousand and one questions for them in class, they always explain to me (sometimes more than once cos i think i just might be retarded from all the years of nua-ing) patiently until i do
 get it.

i know that my nail blog is not very impressive yet, since mostly, people do lots of embossed 3D nailart (you know, the roses and cupcakes and whatnots), but all i did was nailart. but that's only because so far i have completed only my nailart 1 (basic salon nailart techniques) and acrylic extension classes. this wednesday begins nailart 2, where i will learn how to do embossed 3D nailart! SO EXCITING OMG.

for those who are impressed with what i can do now, you should be. lol. hell, even i am impressed too. don't get me wrong, i'm impressed not because i'm so proud of my abilities but rather, how i progressed. i mean, before this, i was convinced that perhaps my parents weren't joking about the fact i was picked from a rubbish bin; my siblings are EXCELLENT in painting.

in fact the only time i got an A in art back in sec school days, was one incident where i accidentally knocked over my palette and in my opinion destroyed my piece. i handed it in anyway after futilely trying to clean it with water and tissue. "the strokes are so purposeful!", the deceived teacher said, and gave me 75 marks. and i didn't even touch a brush after sec 2.

and even when it came to painting my own nails? i never did. i think i did like once or twice at most in my entire life before i started class. well, there's a reason why it happened only once or twice.

and now, here i am, just painting powerpuff girls and what nots! and i'm already beginning to create my own designs! i have my teachers to thank for. :) and of course BBFF with her
 negative reinforcement tacticsto make sure that i improve. hahaha

of course i do have a knack for art, but my trade belongs in crafting and creations.... never before did i think i could paint, and on such a small scale!

i signed up an extra course which happened on saturday: Advanced Airbrush Tecniques. it was darn fun. even though i sprayed my solitaire blue. O.o and i have already thought of so many designs and possibilities that i can do! at the moment i am trying not to touch my airbrush gun cos i'm working in the bedroom and well, things might just get ugly, cos you know, i am me. -___-"

however, i am still not ready to start. i know it's weird that i have learned all these advance stuff, but not yet ready; that's because i have only
 just begun my basic mani and pedi classes (i joined too late, skipped it, and now having the makeup lessons with a later batch of students). i'm now quite confident of my acrylic, be it overlay or sculptured extensions. i'm still trying to practice and practice, of course! but one still needs the basic skills to start doing other stuff yeah? like basic polish painting. no surprises here; i absolutely suck at it, and i haven't had much time yet to practice cos i've been obsessing over acrylic and nail art. A LOT.

okay, it's getting technical and boring, i know! told u i'm obsessed la!

anyway i do have awesome awesome classmates as well and even though they don't behave or look as 38 as i do, but omg, do they make me laugh!
真人不露相!so really, classes are so so enjoyable because of these new friends i've made. :) i do hope that when we complete the course in september, we'll still stay in touch as friends ba! unlikesome other student(s) who are so defensive and secretive about their plans/supplier, this group of friends can't wait to share the good stuff and info! lol... i think it's damn awesome. i do not understand why others are so defensive... like wth.... go your shop steal ur supplies? steal ur customers (how sia)?! dun understand. but ok. nvm. don't care. zzzz

alright... i think that's enough nail talk for today. till then~

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You are invited!

We are having a Free Nail Art Seminar for the public interested in learning more about nails or nailart. It would be held next month and we are very excited as this would be the first time opening our campus to the public after we moved to International Plaza.
Our new campus is bigger and newer, and at a much more convenient location! We welcome all of you to join us!! *Please refer to registration process below*

Learn more about permanent nail extensions, the latest gel nails and high-techniques of embossing 3D art inside a nail extensions!!
Our master educator and our team of professional teachers would be there to show and explain to you the steps and tips!!
A chance not to be missed!! Seats are limited and pre-registration for the seminar is needed to secure a seat.

The FREE NAIL ART DEMO SEMINAR will be held on 
5th of September 2011, Monday, 
7pm at International Plaza.

Details on how to find us can be found here- *Directions to Pinkroom@IP*

There are limited seats, so if you are interested, register fast.
To register, please give us a call at +65 6348-1592.

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Points Deductions for PRINA Certificate Exams

With our PRINA's Certificate Exams approaching, every student is going crazy with panic... so here's a blog that would hopefully calm those tensed nerves.


"No good...No good...No good..."

POINT DEDUCTIONS : French Manicure Polish
'No good...No good...No good..."

Best Advice :
'Stay Calm...breath in deeply and don't freak-out!! Have Fun!! ^.~ "

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Dear PRINA-Students, Please remember to register for your certificate examination.
Exam Date: 21 Aug 2011 (Sunday)
                    Morning - Professional Manicurist Exam
              Noon - Written Theory Exam
                        Afternoon - Professional Nail-Extensions Exam


Monday, August 8, 2011


It's the last week to register!

AUGUST 八月份 2011年

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It's time for an update!

Dear students!
We are in a midst of doing a mass data update. Some of you might have received an SMS from us recently asking for your details. Yes yes~ It is from us, not a spam!
Kindly reply the SMS, or you may choose to call us at +65 6348 1592.
For those who have not replied us, kindly do so soon as we will be sending a little something to you. And if you did not update us, we will post it to the address you registered with us.
Thanks again!

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Remember to "CHECK-IN" when you visit us!!

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Remember to "CHECK-IN" when you visit us!!