Monday, February 21, 2011


Tried out a nail design i spotted while flipping through some Japanese Nail Magazines during one-bored-Sunday-afternoon yesterday.. took less than 2 hours?? It was a totally random-spur-of-the-moment...
..guess it was the complexity nature of the steps that moved me to move..haha..i was curious about the process, much like wondering how they bake the cupcakes,etc..

Anyway...step by steps..
For the clear-colored free-edge, i used 2 different colored liquid to create the glass effect. Alternate the 2 colors for each nails.

The whitish "V" shaped at the free-edge is made to elongate any short nailbeds.
I used AngelPro's Twinkle Diamond- TD01 Acrylic Color Powder because of it's whitish glitter look. I added Charisma's Rainbow Acrylic Color Powder for an extra bling.. AngelPro's Twinkle Diamond-TD02 would also give the same effect.

The healthy looking nail-beds were formed using AngelPro's Pink Acrylic Powder.
The criss-crossed checked effect was created first before laying the pink. 
I chose not to overlay any acrylic powder over the criss-crossed free edge; I wanted the bumps in between the checked effects for the 3D feel.

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